Why I’m thinking about killing one of my babies…

Warning: this is a rant/whiney post.

I’m so frustrated right now, I’m smashing the keyboard to just get this rant out.

It’s about WordPress. Freakin’ WordPress.

I’ve been working with this platform for nearly a decade, and it’s still regarded as one of the best platforms for building a website.

I’m starting to feel that nothing could be further from the truth.

The Coffee Concierge backend is so¬† bloated right now with plugins and other technical errors, that all I’m doing is hopping from one problem to the next.

It’s the equivalent of trying to type a blog post like this one, only to have the “T” key stop responding for 10 minutes, followed by the “E” key, and then the “A” key.

My work session started with simply trying to update some plugins on the backend of my website. Eventually, it turned into me being completely locked out of my site.

I moved everything over to a staging environment, only to not be allowed into my staging environment because my password was apparently incorrect. Mind you, this is probably the 10th time this has happened, and I use two different password managers.

So, I attempt to reset my PW and my username allegedly doesn’t exist.


I then proceed to spend 20 minutes over tech support chat to see if they could shed light onto what might be going on.

We seemingly come to a solution, only for the problem to resurface later on.

More on that in a minute…

I finally login to my site successfully to update the plugins. Bam, done!

Move everything back over to the live site, login successfully. Woohoo!

Try to work on homepage…front-end visual editor plugin is not working correctly.


OK, I’ll try Safari instead of Chrome.

I go to Safari, attempt to log in to my site, wrong password.


I’m literally using the password I just changed it to 5 minutes ago.

And the cycle continues…

I’m so tired of technology.

It seems that I can’t ever focus on one problem at a time, because a thousand other tiny ones keep smacking me in the face as I’m tying to focus on one problem.

This brings me to the end of this rant, which I don’t expect anybody to read or care about.

But if you do happen to be reading…maybe you can relate?

Does technology fuck with you too?

There are so many damn obstacles interspersed between the main obstacle, that sometimes I feel like giving up on certain projects all-together.

I guess it’s best if I just take a break and return to it later, but I can’t stand the thinking about returning to something I wasn’t even able to start on because of a bunch of bullshit technical issues I have no patience for at this point.

Happy Sunday!

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