Letting go of what you can’t control

I’m trying to practice what I preach with this one, because I’m getting worked up this morning about something that is completely outside of my control.

Yet I still feel like I have to do something. I have to solve the problem.

But I can’t. Again, it’s outside of my control. And it feels like the only way to respond is to do nothing at all.

Yet I don’t want my attitude to be mistaken for apathy, and maybe that’s the problem.

I feel bad for being apathetic.

But if I continue to try and solve problems I can’t solve, trying to solve these problems will continue to be expected of me.

And what good does that do for you and me?

Not much.

So today I’m taking the apathetic approach.

I’ll listen to someone I love if they need to vent, but I’m not going to try and come to the rescue, because it never does any good.

Is this selfish?

Without a doubt. But sometimes we need to be selfish to truly help others.

Let’s call it the antithesis to martyrdom.

I refuse to help the victim if it means that it will end up converting me into the victim.

So if you have people in your life repeatedly taking advantage of your support, I’d encourage you to try the opposite approach next time support is expected of you.

Ride out the storm with silence and dare I say, apathy.

See if the ironic response you were hoping for somehow actualizes. You might be surprised.

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